How Can I Check My Radar Performance?

How will you make sure that the radar setting is set up properly?

The general procedure to switch on a radar set:Visually make sure that the scanner is clear.Set the four critical adjustment controls – Gain, Brilliance, Anti clutter & Anti rain clutter (differentiator) – to off or minimum.Set the main function switch (Off/Standby/Transmit) to standby.More items…•.

How do you test a radar magnetron?

On JRC radars, click on the “Test” tab on the bottom right corner and turn the “Magnetron current” to on. Read the magnetron current reading. Magnetron current should be between 5 ~ 9.5. If actual magnetron current is on higher side of this range, the magnetron is OK.

What is tuning in radar?

The Tune control is used to tune the receiver in the Radar antenna for maximum target returns on the display. … In general Radar tuning may be necessary if the Radar antenna was serviced. Automatic Tune. In Automatic Tune mode, the Radar tunes itself automatically on all range scales.

What is gain on radar?

Antenna Gain refers to how much of the energy leaving the antenna is focused into a particular direction. It is the ratio of the focused intensity to the average intensity. Higher gain serves to narrow the effective beam width.

How fast is a radar signal?

roughly 300,000 km per secondRadar waves travel through the atmosphere at roughly 300,000 km per second (the speed of light). The range to a target is determined by measuring the time that a radar signal takes to travel out to the target and back.

What are the limitations of radar?

Some of the important limitations of Radar are as follows:Small vessels, ice, other small floating objects may not be detected by the radar.Targets in the blind sector and shadow sector of the radar are not displayed.More items…•

What is difference between radar and ARPA?

An ARPA assesses the risk of collision, and enables operator to see proposed maneuvers by own ship. … ARPA processes radar information much more rapidly than conventional radar but is still subject to the same limitations. ARPA data is only as accurate as the data that comes from inputs such as the gyro and speed log.

What is the maximum radar warm up time?

within 120 secondsPressing the power switch will activate the radar to standby, however it doesn’t come on immediately as the magnetron needs a few minutes to warm up before it can transmit. The radar will have some form of visual signal to count down this wait period, the approved best standard being within 120 seconds.

What is the function of the sea clutter control?

The solution is the sea clutter control. It works by reducing the receiver gain for a few microseconds after each pulse is transmitted, then gradually restores it to its former level. It works very well, but its use requires care. Too much sea clutter control will result in the loss of close range targets.

What can radar not detect?

1) Clouds. Radar beams reflect off nearly everything, including clouds. But before NEXRAD radar images are sent to your iPhone, non-precipitation items are filtered out, including clouds. Unless it’s rain or snow, chances are it’s not showing up on your radar image.

What is main function of radar?

Fundamental Principle of Radar On Board Ship the RADAR has two main tasks:  To function as an aid to prevent collision, as with the help of RADAR one can “SEE” in fog and darkness. 6.